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Western Entertainer - Cowboy Poet
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(Photo Bill Patterson at St. James Hotel, Cimarron Gathering)

Well Howdy!  If you've come this far up the Trail, you might be lost.
Welcome to JJ Steele's Cowboy Campfire. Reared in the traditions of the American West, and blessed with a "radio voice", I have a cowboy way of lookin' at things that some folks call humorous. I ventured onto the cow poetry trail some years ago now, and in that good time I've put together an outstanding collection of cowboy poetry, songs and stories I call "A Cowboy Campfire". I've got songs and poems for most any occasion in my saddle bags.
The Trail has led me to campfires, community halls, venues, barbeques, benefits and gatherings. I've shared stage with some amazingly talented Western entertainers. And the Folks I've met along the way made every mile worthwhile. I'd love to bring my Cowboy Campfire to your town, barn or bunkhouse, and I'll tailor my show to your needs. And that's my quest - to bring my voice and verse to you. So, don't hesitate to give me a holler. I'll only be doin' this as long as I'm allowed.

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