J.J. Steele

Western Entertainer - Cowboy Poet

Contact me!

Well, there it is Folks. JJ Steele's Cowboy Campfire webpage.  Might be easier for me if all these bells and whistles were marked "duct tap" and "bailin' wire".  'Bout like ropin' a hog in a hail storm. Hope you enjoyed our visit!
I'd love to have you contact me, and I'll be tickled to come by your place to sing some songs and recite you some poems. I've got somethin' in my saddle bags for most any occasion. If you'd like  copies of my CD's "Thinkin' In Rhyme",  or "More Rhyme For No Reason", or a signed copy of my written collection of poetry "Just Passin' Thru", email me and we'll work out the details.
Hope to see ya up the Trail !


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