J.J. Steele

Western Entertainer - Cowboy Poet

Photo Album

Photo taken at Boggsville by Debi Boucher,  DBoucher Photography.

At an IWMA Showcase in Florissant, 2018. (Photo Bill Patterson)

At the Cimarron Cowboy Music and Poetry Gathering, 2018. (Bill Patterson)

Cover photo from my written collection Just Passin' Thru. Thanks to my photographer, Suzan Rossi Steele.

Delivering my poem "I Don't Know Why" in Albuquerque.

A good day near Adobe Peak.

Cover photo for "Thinkin' In Rhyme" CD. Chopping ice for the horses near Good Pasture.

Another beautiful Colorado sunset near Wetmore.

On Chief, with the Greeley Trail Dusters.
An early performing partner, Willie. Steered me toward training horses. Haw!
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